About Me

I grew up in a Christian home. God saved me when I was six, and I have known I was called to the ministry since I was young. I went to Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary right out of high school and earned a Masters of Theological studies.


I interned with Chase Reynolds, a missionary and Bible Translator in Papua, Indonesia, for two months during the summer of 2018. Over time, God assured me of His call for me to be involved in Bible Translation work. Sublett Road Baptist Church voted to be my sending church in 2019, and I began my linguistics and Bible Translation training at Dallas International University (where Chase went) in June 2020.


I will finish training and be ready to go on the field in the summer of 2022. God’s word is the foundation for everything God wants to do among a people group, and making it available in a language they understand is critical to the Great Commission. It is exciting to see God narrowing my vision for which people group I will serve.  Please, pray for me in this effort.